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Published by: O-Games
Developed by: Twelve Interactive
Release Date: July 7, 2009
Genre: Platformer

CID The Dummy from Oxygen Games is an action platformer that was released earlier in the year on Sony's PSP. The hero is a crash test dummy, CID, given special powers by inventor "Professor B.M. Werken" to go on a mission to save his apparently very beautiful daughter. From the outset the very idea of the game feels just a little contrived. Beginning with a very odd and slightly underwhelming introduction in which we are introduced to our lacklustre hero, we discover CID is more than a little fed up with his monotonous life as a crash test dummy, and therefore in need of a little adventure; this is where the player comes in. There have been many odd video game heroes over the years, but it's fair to say that a dummy is one of the oddest choices: being based on a generic, featureless humanoid means CID lacks any sort of tangible character substance, and is frankly boring.


Professor B.M.Werken's lovely daughter (who I didn't give a damn about) has been kidnapped and it's up to CID, yeah, the Crash Test Dummy who has been given special powers by the Profa, who could do with a couple of letters in his name removed and changed around, I don't know, perhaps the e and r to an a and an n, to rescue her in this tale of heroic legends that will last for ever and e…sorry, let me start over with that bit…

He has to rescue the Prof's daughter in this utter yawnfest. Captain Generic there is bored of his life as a CTD (Crash to Desktop?) and needs adventure and you can probably guess the rest. Frankly, the introduction left me utterly under-whelmed.


The tried and tested puzzle method makes an unwelcome appearance here, key + locked door = door open. Or in this case, avoid security camera and press button to open door. An easy task you might add, it would be if the programmers of this muttonfest had actually 'programmed' the game properly with decent controls. I want to stab the eyes out of the idiot that decided to equip/unequip CID's bazooka/rocket launcher deal…you need to…hold the A button and move the Wiimote to shoulder level, yeah, that was clever on paper. In practise it sucks worse than the vaccum in my aunt's penthouse. Or the maid, I don't know which.

When you're faced with obstacles, enemies and whatnot, it becomes an exercise in frustrating deaths. Couple this with the game's lack of checkpoint saving, you're looking at a one way trip to Frustration Town, population: you. I shouldn't be too harsh on this, I mean someone obvious tried to make a game here and must have thought, hey, in the old school days of gaming players used to love this crap - they'd die repeatedly for hours and hours just to reach a screen that says, thank you for playing, now play it again.

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