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This game is so much better then i expected it to be! it feels so much like FF8 or FFX. the soundtrack by uematsu is absolutely fantastic. any final fantasy or older square RPG fans HAVE to buy this! Voices and ingame menus are in english . Japanese or korean voices also included. Lost Odyssey™ is the story of Kaim, an immortal character who has lived more than 1,000 years. He doesn't remember his past, and he doesn't know where his future lies.

Throughout Kaim's journey, a handful of characters will join him on an odyssey to discover their intricate past and destiny, leading players through a dramatic story of massive scale. Lost Odyssey features breathtaking visuals and an epic adventure made possible only by the power of Xbox 360™.

Lost Odyssey is a brilliant, yet oft-overlooked epic RPG. Clearly the game has its minuses, but its build-up is classic, the game is pretty lengthy with a lot of extra tasks to tackle and the extensive turn-based battle system (which is kind of similar to FF X) make this game a must for every RPG fan in possession of an Xbox 360.

  • Innovative RPG gameplay: Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) elements are blended into the game's traditional role-playing game system, enabling players to make strategic decisions for a more immersive and deep gameplay experience.
  • Engaging and unparalleled emotional story: With story sequences penned by award-winning Japanese novelist Kiyoshi Shigematsu in cooperation with producer Hironobu Sakaguchi,Lost Odyssey sets a new benchmark for the RPG genre with a combination of true-to-life cinematics and an intriguing story of an immortal man.
  • Massive scope: The massively scoped worlds, memorable characters and epic storyline play as an intense and unsettling blockbuster action film. Heading up the artistic demands of the title is famed Japanese comic artist Takehiko Inoue.
  • Realistic next-generation graphics: Powered by Unreal Engine 3 technology, Lost Odyssey boasts stunning visual fidelity and rendering quality. The technology pushes high-definition visual designs to a higher level and brings out the smallest details in the largest battles.

Where to Buy : Lost Odyssey - Platinum Collection Xbox 360

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Release Date : May 28, 2010
Genre : Action Adventure
Version : US
ESRB Everyone
Titles rated E (Everyone) have content that may be suitable for ages 6 and older. Titles in this category may contain minimal cartoon, fantasy or mild violence and/or infrequent use of mild language.
PAX-Code : PAX0002715699
Catalog No. : RVL-P-SB4E-USZ
Item Code : 045496901905
Players : 1

Just like all of the professional reviewers have said, this game is simply awe inspiring and is in my opinion even superior to its prequel, Super Mario Galaxy 1. Everything that the first game established, the sequel expands upon it in every way. Best game on Wii to date. This game sets the bar for the platformer genre, and almost any other genre out there.

In 2007, Super Mario Galaxy took the world of video games by storm. Now this first true Mario sequel in years re-energizes the franchise with new levels and new power-ups. Plus this time Mario gets to team up with his dinosaur buddy Yoshi, who adds new possibilities to the gravity-defying game play. It’s everything you love about the first game and more.

Features :
  • Mario collects stars as he travels from galaxy to galaxy. Every level is new, but the game retains the charm, sense of wonder and beauty in line with Mario’s history. Mario works his way through the various levels, sometimes upside-down, sometimes floating from place to place.
  • On some stages, Mario can find an egg, smash it open and hop onto the back of Yoshi. Yoshi can use his tongue to grab items and shoot them back at enemies, or to snag attach points and swing across chasms.
  • Yoshi has an interesting diet. When he eats a Dash Pepper, he gets so hot and frenzied he can run up steep inclines and vertical walls. When he eats a Blimp Fruit, he inflates like a balloon and floats to new heights.
  • New power-ups include a drill that Mario uses to tunnel through the planet’s surface all the way to the other side of a planet
  • Skilled players will want to collect new Comet Metals, which will unlock harder levels with even more challenges.
Where to Buy : Super Mario Galaxy 2

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Release Date : Mar 06, 2008
Version : Asia
PAX-Code : PAX0002551207
Catalog No. : XGX-00064
Item Code : 882224855587

Box contents

  • Xbox 360 Console (w/ 256MB storage built-in)
  • Wireless Controller
  • Composite AV Cable
  • Power Supply (220V)
  • Manual
For any Anime fan an NTSC-J console is simply a must. Whether it be for earning achievements in Japanese games to impress friends or for casual playing by your average otaku. so fast to get here runs so well makes my gameing life much cooler play asia is by far the best place to buy from safe fast the best you guys rock i now own two japan 360s both run fantasic keep it up. Excellent console. I now finally have the abillity to play Japanese games. Running silent and have had no problems with it whatsoever. Highly recommended.

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Release Date : May 21, 2010

Language : English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Genre : Shooting
Version : Asia
PAX-Code : PAX0002719014
Item Code : 5026555250429

Adds a whole new level to the sandbox genre, the setting, atmosphere and story puts it above the now too-familiar GTA style gameplay. definitely a game i see myself spending hours playing. This game can be the game of the year. Long time GTA fan this game doesn't dissappoint. Solid control, immersive storyline, sound stage is superb. The retry mission with checkpoint make sure you don't have to do everything all over again. The dead eye targeting system is very useful and fun to use, you must play this game.

extremely fun and addictive and there is so much to do in this world and game play never gets boring, missions, side quests, hunting missions heaps of extra stuff to keep you in this beautiful world. while some may say looks better on the 360, still looks amazing on the PS3.

Red Dead Redemption features an open-world environment for players to explore, including frontier towns, rolling prairies teaming with wildlife, and perilous mountain passes - each packed with an endless flow of varied distractions. Along the way, players will experience the heat of gunfights and battles, meet a host of unique characters, struggle against the harshness of one of the world's last remaining wildernesses, and ultimately pick their own precarious path through an epic story about the death of the Wild West and the gunslingers that inhabited it.

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Release Date : Jun 11, 2010
Language : English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Genre : Music
Version : US

Titles rated T (Teen) have content that may be suitable for ages 13 and older. Titles in this category may contain violence, suggestive themes, crude humor, minimal blood, simulated gambling, and/or infrequent use of strong language.
PAX-Code : PAX0003035724
Item Code : 014633193831

Rock Band puts players on stage as multi-platinum selling and Grammy® Award winning group Green Day, featuring the band’s most-defining albums and key moments throughout their career to date. Players perform vocals, guitar, bass and drums using award-winning Rock Band technology. 3D visuals and archival material give players a unique view into the music and vision of this pioneering band.

Experience 47 Green Day songs, featuring a collection of the band’s greatest hits, including American Idiot, Wake Me Up When September Ends, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Brain Stew/Jaded, and Hitchin’ a Ride.

Feature :
  • 3D custom characters featuring likenesses of Green Day members Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, and TrĂ© Cool, as well as select venues and art specific to the band’s history
  • Full motion-capture utilized to create an authentic Green Day live performance in authentic venues
  • 3-part vocal harmonies for those songs featuring multiple singers
  • Unlockable prizes as you proceed through the game
  • All Green Day DLC can be imported onto your Green Day game disk, unlocking unique venue visuals and archival materials
  • Compatibility: game works with Rock Band and Guitar Hero instruments

Where to Buy : Green Day - Rock Band Xbox 360

* For
Nintendo™ Wii you can But At this Link (Recommend) :

Green Day: Rock Band Nintendo™ Wii

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Original Name : Final Fantasy XIII (English + Chinese language Version)
Release Date : May 27, 2010
Language : Voice: Japanese; Subtitles: Chinese (traditional), Chinese (Simplified) English
Genre : RPG
Version : Asia
PAX-Code : PAX0003004325
Catalog No. : BCAS-25005
Item Code : 4948872980050

The pack is wonderful, The controller is great, the Lightning artwork on the hand is fantastic, and there in FFXIII printed on the back under the Dual Shock logo, a very nice touch! Note that the Avatar card only works with a Hong Kong PSN account. Grab one befire you miss out, as I missed out on the Deluxe edition with the soundtrack + HDMI.

A tale of souls from a futuristic civilization illuminated by the Light of the Crystal. This eagerly anticipated title takes full advantage of the PlayStation 3 system's advanced hardware, providing tangible, intuitive controls while delivering seamless transitions between real-time gameplay and stunning in-game cinematics. The latest in cutting-edge technology has been utilized in development of FINAL FANTASY XIII, thus making this newest addition to the FINAL FANTASY series worthy of the title "next generation."

Where To Buy : Final Fantasy XIII PlayStation 3 ™

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Release Date : Jun 08, 2010
Genre : Action
Version : US
ESRB Mature
Titles rated M (Mature) have content that may be suitable for persons ages 17 and older. Titles in this category may contain intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content and/or strong language.
PAX-Code PAX0003059490
Item Code 047875840096

Call of Duty - The War Collection, which lets in Call of Duty 2, Call of Duty 3, and Call of Duty: World at War, was released nowadays. The 360-exclusive package is selling at full price. PS3 owners, you might even be missing out on CoD 2, but don't worry, you probably didn't want this bundle anyway. you can buy for version
Asia, NTSC J and US, NTSC U/C /.

Check into the applied prices you can get all three games for one costs, less than half the price of the collection. For the sake of statement, let's say you hate used games. You moldiness have new ones, and you really want all three. Certain, fine, you can't get all three games new for lower. You could, even so, get CoD 4: Modern Warfare and World at War new, which is a a good deal better "bundle" in our opinion.

Whenever you really want to donate to Activision, or are a uninformed parent looking for a birthday present, accept it, but we'll tell you a secret. Applied games are in reality the same game! And honestly, how a lot do you really need a new copy of CoD 2 for the XBOX360 ? Great game, but you act recall that it looks like these: And we actualise you aren't stunned, but it's fishier when we sound condescending towards an imaginary individual who thinks this is a great deal.
Whenever you really want to donate to Activision, or are a uninformed parent looking for a birthday present, accept it, but we'll tell you a secret. Applied games are in reality the same game! And honestly, how a lot do you really need a new copy of CoD 2 for the XBOX360 ? Great game, but you act recall that it looks like these: And we actualise you aren't stunned, but it's fishier when we sound condescending towards an imaginary individual who thinks this is a great deal.

Where to Buy : Buy Call of Duty - The War Collection Xbox 360

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Release : Date Dec 12, 2008
Language : English, French, German
Genre : Action
Version : Asia
PAX-Code : PAX0002519451
Item Code : 4710782152021

This is the best orochi on xbox 360, If you happen to owned a Warriors Orochi 1 game, or prehaps you played Dynasty warriors or even Samurai Warriors , this is a game you definitely want to get. Not only it has better graphics, the story and sound effects also enhances.

When playing on the television,be it using a PS2 or XBOX 360, it will definitely bring the game to life before your very eyes. A MUST for Musou Orochi lovers with HDTVs & XBOX 360s For some of us that owns a Sixth generation consoles such as a PS2 & are playing it on HDTVs, graphics may look stretched & a bit fuzzy because of the 480i resolution. But if you also own a XBOX 360 & love but haven't bought the Musou Orochi Sequel on the PS2 yet, then buy this game for you XBOX 360. Playing this game with your HDTV, you'll enjoy it in clear & vibrant resolution 720p.

Shattering time and space, the venomous Serpent King Orochi kidnapped the DYNASTY WARRIORS and SAMURAI WARRIORS in scheme to test his might. The heroes eventually defeated Orochi and his menacing army. While the slain Orochi lies in the netherworld, a mysterious alliance is hatching an otherworldly plan so that the Serpent King may rise again. Now a new group of fighters must join forces with history's greatest warriors in an effort to stop this evil resurrection.

WARRIORS OROCHI 2 takes place after the events of the original game. The game's main "Story" mode features storylines for the kingdoms of Wu, Wei, and Shu, and the SAMURAI WARRIORS, while a new Orochi storyline looks back to the first series of wars to expose some of the Serpent King's secrets.

Where to Buy : Warriors Orochi 2 Xbox 360

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Pop songs, cool graphics and absolutely stylish gameplay are the staple of the DJ MAX franchise. After getting a batch of their Technika 2 Collector's Edition CDs earlier this week, we got news that a new DJ MAX game will be coming to Sony PSP gamers - the Hot Tunes.

Release Date Jun, 2010
Language Korean, English
Genre Music
Version Korea
PAX-Code PAX0003052724
Players 1

Hot Tunes contains all the fan-favorites from DJ MAX 1 and 2, the K-POP and J-POP songs that you adore could be found in this collection. However, this is not just a "best select" game, the music are remastered with cutting edge technology, so it'll be even more powerful.

Don't worry if you've never played this type of games before, you can train your reflexes from the 4 button beginner's mode and move up the difficulty level as you progress. The key is not the technique, the key is the fun.

Buy DJ Max Portable Hot Tunes - Limited Edition

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Tutorial about tunning. First, some people who first played ID5 will be confused, "where you can tunning for Engine, Accecories and Body hihiihih.. it's okay ..

Well, Basically, there are three types of tunning:
1. Engine tunning.
2. Accecories tunning.
3. Body tunning.

how tunning on ID 5 masi with ID 4, namely: every 3x eject card. (Some of you guys maybe already Know it!) So .. this is how it works.

1st eject: no upgrades.
2nd eject: no upgrades.
3rd eject: Engine upgrades.
4th eject: no upgrades.
5th eject: no upgrades.
6th eject: Accesories / Body upgrades.

then back to step 1. The next and the same again ... (Diff to upgrade the system Maximum Tunes.)

Well, Here is the list of upgrades:

Engine, Drive Train

STEP-1 Mechanical LSD
STEP-2 Light flywheel
STEP-3 Reinforced Clutch
STEP-4 High-Flow Turbine
STEP-5 Port Grinding
STEP-6 Bore Increase
STEP-7 Large-caliber Turbine (Turbo car), Full Balance removing (NA cars)

Intake / Exhaust, Cooling System
STEP-1 Air Cleaner
STEP-2 Sports Catalyst
STEP-3 Large Caliber Throttle
STEP-4 Oil Cooler
STEP-5 EX manifold
STEP-6 Large-Capacity Radiator
STEP-7 Large-scale Intercooler

Suspension & Wheels

STEP-1 Racing Brake Pad
STEP-2 Mesh Hose
STEP-3 High-Performance Suspension
STEP-4 Reinforced Stabilizer
STEP-5 Reinforced Suspension Arms
STEP-6 Big Brake Calipers
STEP-7 Large Diameter Brake Rotor


STEP-1 Tower Bars
STEP-2 Front Ladder Bar
STEP-3 Rear Ladder Bars
STEP-4 Roll Bars
STEP-5 Lightening Lv1
STEP-6 Lightening Lv2
STEP-7 Spot weld Increase

Electronic Components (ECU)

STEP-1 Hyper-Ground Wiring
STEP-2 Racing Plugs
STEP-3 Dry Batteries
STEP-4 ROM rewriting
STEP-5 Boost Improvement
STEP-6 Sub Computer
STEP-7 Full Computer

Well, these unique upgrades: (just in case you only want to pursue this upgrades the first time)
Toyota AE86 Trueno: At Engine Step-7 = 12k RPM Racing Engines / supercharger / turbo
Toyota AE85 and AE86 Levin: At Engine Step-7 = supercharger / Turbo / Engine Balancing (NA engine)
Honda Integra DC2: At Engine Step-7 = Turbo / Engine Balancing (NA engine)
Lancer Evolution 3: At ECU Step-7 = Misfiring System
Mazda RX-7 Type R: At Engine Step-7 = Keisuke's / Kyoko's Turbo
Mazda RX-7 Type R: At Bodywork Step-4 = Keisuke's / Kyoko's Roll-Cage

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Step 2 : Choosing ur car. Tutorial for choosing the right car for your.

There is NO Best Car in ID5. All the car balanced in their performance. Which is good, because the ID is all about skill, not a thick wallet, because the FT (aka: Full Tuned).

in short, choose a car that you like. Do not be influenced by the words of people that the R34 can not do a U-turn well in Irohazaka (or something like that). TA R34 and I have my number two in XXI Sutos surabaya. Remember, skill is everything. Maybe with a big body like R34, or shifting a unique such as the Toyota Supra, you can make a striking difference than just driving a AE86 trueno and hitting here and there .. (no offence, sir ..)

If your Evo lovers, go for Evo 7. If your lover Skyline, Go for R32 (small body) or R34 (big body, Which is good for blocking) If your lover Irohazaka, Go for Evo 3. Missfiring systems in right death, man. (Tested! Trust me!) Evo 3 is a badass car in both Uphill and downhill. When your lover Nagao, Tsukuba, Happohagara, and Akina, Go for AE86 Mazda RX-7 or FD. Those car is really fast.

but again, dont drive cars u dont really like. AE86 is mercurial and for some courses is really fast. but his model was tablets, its very bad really. Yaaaah .. if you want to balance between the model and speed are pretty cool, EVO 7 is HIGHLY RECOMENDED!

* What is the best car for IDAS5?

- Same as ID4, every course has a "Course Car" that obviously have better performance than the other car, so there is no "BEST CAR"

* Show me the "Car Course" list!

Lake Akina Counter Clock Wise - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IXLake Akina Clock Wise - Subaru Impreza GDBF

Myogi DH - Honda Civic EG6
Myogi UH - GTR32 Nissan Skyline

Akagi DH - Mazda RX7 FC3S
Akagi UH - Mazda RX7 Type R (FD3S)

Akina DH - Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86
Akina UH - Subaru GC8 Impreza

Irohazaka DH - Toyota MR2
Irohazaka UH - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III

Tsukuba OB - Honda S2000
Tsukuba IB - Nissan Skyline GTR34

New Course

Happogahara OB - Honda Civic Type R EK9
Happogahara IB - Honda Integra DC2

Nagao DH - Toyota MR-S S Edition
Nagao UH - Toyota Supra RZ

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How to Play :
  1. (Step 1): Knowing ur arcade machine
  • Tutorial 5 Initial D arcade machines. with FAQs
ID5 machine that circulated in Indonesia (and in countries outside of Japan) is usually the Exp version. differences exist in this version with the real version is:
  • There are no other modes (Story Mode only, TA In-Store Fashion & Battle)
  • No avatar
  • No aura
  • No multiple tuning
  • No additional special colors (if the version we can actually painting trueno with a plain white color. IT'S TRUEE !)
  • Not able to rank up (forever will be D3)
Quite disappointed not to EXP ver. with so many things that is trimmed from this machine, did not dampen my intention to play. It is quite interesting is that we do not need to renew ID5 card. The cards can be used forever. Or is it? basically every card has a limit to be used. ID5 card has a read-write rata2 500x. after that function will decrease until the data card will truly lost .. if've lost... think your chance. Required to make 24 cards + 3 coin coin to buy in credits. total there are 27 coin to make ID5 card.

Total ID5 card can load three cars.

Apparently there is a problem currently on Card EXP version, namely the process of renewal. The process should be done online, while the version of exp is the Offline Version. So when the card life of your card reaches 11, it will stay that way! So whether it's a good thing? NO! You can still save the game as usual but sooner or later, your card will reach the limit and after that, all data can be LOST!

Character List: Legend of the street (aka Story modes) :

Lake Akina

Iketani Counter Clockwise Dry Day >> SILVIA K's S13
Fake Project D Clockwise Dry Day >> TRUENO Sprinter AE86 GT-APEX
(Unlocked after Iketani is beaten on Akina Lake)

DH Kenta Wet Day >> Silvia Q's (S14)
Shingo DH Dry Night >> Honda Civic (EG6)
Takeshi Nakazato UH Dry Night >> Skyline GT-R V a spec II (BNR32)
(Unlocked after Kenta and Shingo are beaten on Myogi)


Kenji's DH Dry Day >> TYPE II 180SX (RPS13)
UH Kyoko Day Night >> Mazda RX-7 Type R (FD3S)
Ryosuke DH Dry Night >> Mazda RX-7 ∞ III (FC3S)
(Unlocked after Kenji and Kyoko are beaten on Akagi)


Itsuki UH Dry Day
>> Corolla Levin SR (AE85)
Mako & Sayuki DH Dry Day >> SILEIGHTY (RPS13)
Senji DH Dry Night >> Lancer RS EVOLUTION IV (CN9A)
Keisuke UH Dry Night >> Mazda RX-7 Type R (FD3S)
Takumi DH Dry Night >> TRUENO Sprinter GT-APEX (AE86)
(Unlocked after Itsuki, Mako & Sayuki, Senji, Keisuke are beaten on Akina)
Bunta DH Dry Night >> Impreza WRX STI Type R Version V (GC8)
(Unlocked after Takumi is beaten on Nagao)


Kai DH Dry Night
>> Toyota MR2 G-Limited (SW20)
Kyoichi DH Dry Night >> Lancer GSR the Evolution III (CE9A)
(Unlocked after Kai is beaten on Irohazaka)


OB Daiki Dry Day
>> Civic Type R (EK9)
Dry IB Sakai Day >> INTEGRA TYPE R (DC2)
Ryosuke OB Dry Night >> Mazda Rx-7 ∞ III (FC3S)
Tomoyuki Tachi IB Dry Night >> Civic Type R (EK9)
(Unlocked after Daiki, Ryosuke Sakai and are beaten on Happo)


Two morons from Tokyo OB Dry Day >> Silvia spec-R (S15)
Wataru IB Wet Day >> Corolla Levin GT-APEX(AE86)
"GOD HAND" OB Dry Night >> Honda S2000 (AP1)
(Unlocked after two morons from Tokyo and Wataru are beaten on Tsukuba)
"GOD FOOT" IB Dry Night >> Skyline GT-R V spec II Nur (BNR34)
(Unlocked after God Hand is beaten on Tsukuba)


Kobayakawa UH Dry Day >> Lancer Evolution VII GSR(CT9A)
Omiya DH Dry Day >> Roadster RS (NB8C)
Kai DH Dry Night >> MR S S edition (ZZW30)
(Unlocked after defeating Kai on Irohazaka + Kobayakawa & Omiya is beaten on Nagao)
Hideo Minagawa UH Dry Night >> SUPRA RZ (JZA80)
(Unlocked disposal Kai is beaten on Nagao)
Keisuke UH Dry Night >> Mazda RX-7 Type R (FD3S)
(Unlocked after you have all the other Cleared Tracks & Hideo is beaten on Nagao)
Takumi DH Dry Night >> TRUENO Sprinter GT-APEX (AE86)
(Unlocked after Keisuke is beaten on Nagao)

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