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Tutorial about tunning. First, some people who first played ID5 will be confused, "where you can tunning for Engine, Accecories and Body hihiihih.. it's okay ..

Well, Basically, there are three types of tunning:
1. Engine tunning.
2. Accecories tunning.
3. Body tunning.

how tunning on ID 5 masi with ID 4, namely: every 3x eject card. (Some of you guys maybe already Know it!) So .. this is how it works.

1st eject: no upgrades.
2nd eject: no upgrades.
3rd eject: Engine upgrades.
4th eject: no upgrades.
5th eject: no upgrades.
6th eject: Accesories / Body upgrades.

then back to step 1. The next and the same again ... (Diff to upgrade the system Maximum Tunes.)

Well, Here is the list of upgrades:

Engine, Drive Train

STEP-1 Mechanical LSD
STEP-2 Light flywheel
STEP-3 Reinforced Clutch
STEP-4 High-Flow Turbine
STEP-5 Port Grinding
STEP-6 Bore Increase
STEP-7 Large-caliber Turbine (Turbo car), Full Balance removing (NA cars)

Intake / Exhaust, Cooling System
STEP-1 Air Cleaner
STEP-2 Sports Catalyst
STEP-3 Large Caliber Throttle
STEP-4 Oil Cooler
STEP-5 EX manifold
STEP-6 Large-Capacity Radiator
STEP-7 Large-scale Intercooler

Suspension & Wheels

STEP-1 Racing Brake Pad
STEP-2 Mesh Hose
STEP-3 High-Performance Suspension
STEP-4 Reinforced Stabilizer
STEP-5 Reinforced Suspension Arms
STEP-6 Big Brake Calipers
STEP-7 Large Diameter Brake Rotor


STEP-1 Tower Bars
STEP-2 Front Ladder Bar
STEP-3 Rear Ladder Bars
STEP-4 Roll Bars
STEP-5 Lightening Lv1
STEP-6 Lightening Lv2
STEP-7 Spot weld Increase

Electronic Components (ECU)

STEP-1 Hyper-Ground Wiring
STEP-2 Racing Plugs
STEP-3 Dry Batteries
STEP-4 ROM rewriting
STEP-5 Boost Improvement
STEP-6 Sub Computer
STEP-7 Full Computer

Well, these unique upgrades: (just in case you only want to pursue this upgrades the first time)
Toyota AE86 Trueno: At Engine Step-7 = 12k RPM Racing Engines / supercharger / turbo
Toyota AE85 and AE86 Levin: At Engine Step-7 = supercharger / Turbo / Engine Balancing (NA engine)
Honda Integra DC2: At Engine Step-7 = Turbo / Engine Balancing (NA engine)
Lancer Evolution 3: At ECU Step-7 = Misfiring System
Mazda RX-7 Type R: At Engine Step-7 = Keisuke's / Kyoko's Turbo
Mazda RX-7 Type R: At Bodywork Step-4 = Keisuke's / Kyoko's Roll-Cage

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